What is Spay & Neuter Surgery?

If your Atlanta pet isn’t already spayed or neutered, one step to achieving that goal is to talk to us at Belle Isle Animal Hospital in Atlanta, GA about spay & neuter surgery.

Spay & neuter surgery are the types of surgeries that keep female pets from becoming pregnant, and male pets from causing pregnancy in female pets. When a female pet is spayed, her reproductive organs are all removed. This process stops her from going into heat, and prevents pregnancy. Breeding instincts are often reduced or eliminated as well. Neutering, or castration, removes both testicles, and often reduces or eliminates breeding instincts.

Benefits Spay & Neuter?

While controlling the pet population is a noble reason to have a pet spayed or neutered, it is not the only one. In addition to pregnancy prevention, pets that are spayed and neutered have a lower instance of cancers and other health problems than unaltered pets. They are also safer because a calmer pet is less likely to wander away from home or get themselves into a dangerous situation.

Preparing Your Pet, And Yourself

While some pet owners are concerned that if they spay or neuter they will reduce their pet’s quality of life, this concern is unfounded. While pets may make good parents if faced with the challenge, even they remain puppy or kitten-less they will not feel deprived, and will actually experience less physical strain on their body in their lifetime.

When to Spay and Neuter

Four to six months is the commonly recommended age to spay or neuter puppies and kittens, some choose to spay and neuter as early as 8 weeks. The best health benefits happen when you can spay before your pet enters her first heat cycle as the risk of mammary tumors rises with each cycle.

Before and After the Procedure

Before your pet undergoes spay or neuter surgery at Belle Isle Animal Hospital, our veterinarian will fully evaluate him or her to make sure they are strong enough for the procedure, and will keep them overnight in case any issues arise.

After surgery, it is important that pets take it easy for some time. Monitor your pet’s incision for signs of infection at the incision site. Report changes in appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, or lethargy to your veterinarian to make sure recovery is going well.

Contact Our Local Veterinarian Today

If you are ready to have your pet spayed or neutered, or if you have questions about the process or timing of the procedure, the veterinarians at Belle Isle Animal Hospital are ready to discuss your concerns. Contact us at Belle Isle Animal Hospital in Atlanta, GA at (404) 252-3587 to schedule an appointment.