Belle Isle Animal Hospital Offers Pet Urgent & Emergency Pet Services

An urgent pet health problem or emergency can occur at any time and requires immediate treatment by a caring, experienced veterinarian. These problems may involve wounds, ingestion of poisons, breathing problems or other events that may cause your pet pain or severe distress. At Bell Isle Animal Hospital in Atlanta, GA, we can provide fast treatment to help your pet get back to health.

What Is Pet Urgent Care & Emergency Care?

Pet urgent care and emergency care are areas of veterinary medicine that deal with sudden illness or accidents. In these cases, veterinarians use their special training and experience to quickly determine the source of the problems, with help from diagnostic equipment and testing, to provide the treatments and medicines animals need. In these situations, your veterinarian in Atlanta will make every effort to see your pet as quickly as possible.

What Constitutes a Pet Emergency?

Any incident that involves continuous bleeding is considered an emergency situation. Breathing difficulties, broken bones, seizures or unconsciousness are also an emergency that requires immediate care. If your pet is vomiting continuously, has uncontrolled diarrhea or has bloating, or signs of blockage, you should see the vet as soon as possible. Eye injuries, heat stroke or refusal to eat or drink are all situations that should be seen by your veterinarian quickly. Birthing difficulties are another common emergency that needs professional veterinary care.

Services We Offer

We can help when your pet has an urgent or emergency event. Our veterinarians will see your pet as soon as you arrive and can do a variety of tests, such as x-rays or blood work to determine the cause of the problem. We can provide trauma care and surgery, if necessary, as well as IV fluids and close monitoring to see that your pet progresses normally. It’s always best to call ahead to let us know an emergency is on the way. We can also refer you to veterinary specialists if your pet needs additional care

Make Belle Isle Animal Hospital Is Your Veterinarian in Atlanta GA for Urgent Care

Dr. Wolkow, Dr. Unger, and Dr. Ballal combine their extensive training in veterinary medicine to provide quality care for their patients in Atlanta, GA and surrounding areas. The team at our facility offers many services, including exams, vaccinations, preventive care, dental care, diagnostics, surgery, pharmacy services, and boarding. Contact Belle Isle Animal Hospital today at (404) 252-3587 for an appointment to learn more about the urgent care and emergency services available for your pet.