Pet Grooming At Our Belle Isle Animal Hospital in Atlanta, GA

Caring for your pet’s grooming needs is extremely important to help keep them in optimal health. If you don’t have the time to tend to groom your dog or cat yourself, making a call to Belle Isle Animal Hospital in Atlanta is an option. Our veterinarian will assist with basic grooming tasks such as bathing, cutting the nails, checking the ears, and cleaning the teeth of your pet. Here is some information about pet grooming to read over to help you understand the importance of this task.

Why Pet Grooming Is So Important

Grooming your dog or cat on a routine basis will help to keep them looking their absolute best. While this is always a plus, it is not the main benefit in doing grooming procedures. A groomed pet will have less trouble with claws getting stuck in carpeting or other material items. A washed animal will have less trouble with dry skin. Parasites are taken care of during grooming sessions, helping to keep your pet anxiety and itch-free. Teeth are less likely to become caked with tartar, which could lead to periodontal disease and other medical risks. Grooming sessions also help to train your pet to trust people

When Grooming Should Be Conducted

It is best to groom a cat or dog before they have a chance to become noticeable dirty if possible. Bathe your dog every few weeks. Cats can wait a bit longer between washings unless they are long-haired. Check your pet’s claws every week to see if they are curling toward the underside of your pet’s feet. As soon as claws begin to curl, trim them down to keep them short. Use a dog or cat toothbrush to whisk away bacteria from the teeth each day.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help With Grooming

Bring your dog or cat to our veterinarian for a grooming session if you are unsure about which tasks need to be completed to keep your pet healthy, if you do not have the time to do the processes, or if you want some helpful tips in how to conduct grooming at home. Our veterinarian will do a complete evaluation of your dog or cat at the time of their grooming session to check for medical conditions that require intervention.

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