Pet Boarding at Our Belle Isle Animal Hospital in Atlanta, GA

You love your pet, but you find that you must be away. It could be a business trip, a vacation, a serious illness, but you simply must make a plan to care for your beloved family member. After all, they depend on you. At Belle Isle Animal Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, we are your safe and happy pet boarding choice.

Our Pet Boarding Advantages

We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that your pet has the best care while you are away. These are just a few ways we make that happen.

  • Sanitation. Our boarding area is kept clean and odor-free at all times through regular disinfecting. We are free of dirt, fecal material, and parasites.
  • Feeding. Food, fresh water, and treats will be provided. If your pet has special dietary needs, let us know, and we will accommodate them.
  • Comfort measures. We take great pride in housing your pets in comfort through temperature control, cozy sleeping quarters, adequate ventilation, good lighting, shelter from all elements, and exercise areas.
  • Security. Do you have an escape artist for a pet? Our kennels are well-enclosed, sturdy, and locked. If we need to take extra precautions for your Houdini, just let us know.
  • Supervision. Your pets will be monitored on a regular basis for signs of illness, stress, loss of appetite, or any other abnormal behavior. If any of these signs are noted, a veterinarian will be consulted to check out your pet.
  • Medication administration.  If your pet is taking any medication, our veterinarian will make sure it is administered properly and on time.
  • Exercise. Pets may have differing exercise habits, but they all need to move around, run, jump. We will make sure to exercise your pet several times a day.
  • Emergency services. A veterinarian will be on-site and available to address any emergency situation that might arise during your absence.
  • Communication. We will stay in touch with you during your absence and will report any change in your pet to you.
  • Other services. We offer a full range of services that you may want to take advantage of while your pet is here in our care.
  • The extra ingredients. Love and care are the foundation of all else that we do. Our dedicated staff truly cares, and that shows.

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We know we’re not home to your pet, but we will come close. We want your pet to be happy and safe, and for you to leave knowing your pet is well-cared for. If you are in the Atlanta area, contact us today at (404) 252-3587 to discuss boarding your pet with us! We are conveniently located at 216 E. Belle Isle Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342.