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Belle Isle Services

untitled-136-550x300.jpgWellness – we strive to prevent illnesses and promise to help educate you and your pet on ways to keep them healthy and happy. Our wellness programs are designed specifically for your pet and include a comprehensive physical exam, parasite testing, preventative vaccines and medicines, spay and neuter procedures and specialized blood tests for pets of all ages.

untitled-272-450x300.jpgVaccines – our vaccination protocol is designed to make sure your pet receives the protection they need for their specific lifestyle. We take into account special needs and can work with you to make sure your pet will be ready for whatever they may encounter.

untitled-531-2-199x300.jpgSurgeryOur doctors perform spays, neuters, and many other soft tissue surgeries every day and our staff has years of experience in both human and animal surgical settings. We routinely educate our staff on all of the most advanced surgical techniques and technologies. We screen all of our patients ahead of time to make sure each anesthetic episode is as safe as possible for that specific patient. Our surgical suite includes the latest in monitoring and sterilizing equipment, and we use the safest drugs available.

sick dogEmergency Vet/Critical Care – we are equipped to handle just about any emergency situation and our staff is ready to support you and your pet in their time of need.

download.jpgDentistry – we are able to perform routine and emergency dental care, including extractions. We will also help to educate you on what you can do to help maintain your pet’s beautiful smile.

radiologyRadiology – Our state of the art digital radiography system allows us to diagnose your pet faster and more accurately while minimizing exposure. The results are immediately available for us to consult with specialists and of course the patient always gets a copy for their records.

untitled-347-450x300.jpgDiagnostics – we have the latest diagnostic tools available on-site so we can quickly and accurately diagnose your pet. This allows us to treat your pet immediately without waiting for blood work results.

UltrasonographyThis non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology uses sound waves to painlessly examine specific internal organs.

Pharmacy – we stock a wide range of the best veterinary drugs in the animal health care field. You can call in your prescriptions and refills to our pharmacist and your pet’s medications will be ready when you get there.

Boarding/Day Care – our boarding facilities include large suites and outdoor spaces for your pet. Your animal receives personal attention not found in most high volume kennels. We provide outdoor walks and playtime for each pet at least three times a day, weather permitting. Each boarder receives fresh linens and food twice a day unless otherwise specified by the owner.

Nutrition – we provide personalized nutritional consultations and can tailor a diet that will help keep your pet healthy and active.

Pet Grooming – drop off your pet anytime for a quick bath. Services also include nail trimming, ear cleaning and anal gland expression if requested.

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