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veterinarian_dog.pngBelle Isle Animal Hospital is a full service veterinary hospital located in Sandy Springs just 10 minutes north of Atlanta. Our veterinarians blend the latest in medical technology with personal care you can trust.

Conveniently located just inside the Atlanta perimeter, Dr. Riva Wolkow, Dr. Carrie Unger and Dr. Amber Oteri pride themselves on practicing the highest quality veterinary medicine available. The friendly and experienced staff is committed to helping pet owners better understand how to manage every aspect of their pet’s health.

We provide a wide array of services including the latest in preventative medicine, vaccinations, routine exams, surgeries, personalized boarding and even acupuncture. Our brand new state of the art veterinary hospital is fully equipped with all the latest in diagnostic and surgical equipment, and our dedicated staff is trained in advanced techniques to keep your pet healthy and happy. Come visit our Sandy Springs office anytime to see for yourself why people are so excited about the new Belle Isle Animal Hospital. After all, your pet deserves the best!

Atlanta Veterinarian | Belle Isle Animal Hospital | (404)252-3587

216 E. Belle Isle Rd
Atlanta, GA Georgia 30342

  • Dr.
    Amber Oteri

    Dr. Amber Oteri completed her undergraduate degree at Columbia University. She then went on to Veterinary School at the University of Tennessee, graduating in 2000. She joined Belle isle on a full-time basis in 2015. She has a special interest in oncology and is completing her certificate for veterinary acupuncture. We are very excited to be able to offer this valuable service to our patients.

  • Dr.
    Riva Wolkow

    Dr. Riva Wolkow is the proud owner of Belle Isle Animal Hospital. She graduated from the University of Georgia Veterinary School and spent four years working at a large hospital in Alpharetta that practiced high quality medicine before fulfilling her dream of taking over Belle Isle.

  • Dr.
    Carrie Unger,

    Dr. Carrie Unger joined Belle Isle in March of 2012. She completed her baccalaureate degree in Animal and Dairy science at The University of Georgia in 1997 and then graduated from The University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007 while working towards her master’s degree in Veterinary Pathology.

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Real Reviews from Real Clients

  • "A big thumbs up to Belle Isle Animal Clinic!!! The staff is always upbeat, friendly, kind and competent. We moved further away, but never considered switching to closer vet. Definitely worth the longer drive."

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